Breda 930i REVIEW

Breda hasn't always been one of the most well known names in the shotgun world here in the UK but with its latest range of sporting and game shotguns the tides are changing...

My latest review is on one of Breda's flagship models, the competition ready semi automatic that is the Breda 930i. Breda was established back in the mid 1920's in the gunmakers region of Brescia, Italy. It is a reputable, well established manufacturing company known not only for its firearms but also for such things as thermal power plants and ship engines. It was also a leader in the innovation of the inertia mechanism now recognised globally for its ease of use and reliability.

The Breda 930i prides itself as a competition ready, customizable Semi Automatic Shotgun with a 2+1 capacity and is packed with a ton of features that on many other guns would only come as pricey additional extras. Its looks are sporty, modern and very eye catching. It starts with the accents of Blue (or red depending or your preference) across the bolt handle, bolt release, trigger guard and end cap. A two tone receiver of polished silver and gloss black are next, finished off with a nicely selected piece of oil finished Walnut in Grade 3. This gun is not afraid of being different and standing out from the crowd. Never have I had so many people take an interest in a gun I am carrying as I have when at the range with the 930i.

Removable top cover of the 930i

The gun itself is inertia driven as with most Breda Shotguns and features a 3 inch chamber. The inertia system makes for a reliable, easy to maintain and clean operating semi auto whereby the cycling of rounds is driven primarily by the recoil of the previous shot rather than through the cycling of dirty gasses. A winning feature on the Breda 930i is the removable top cover on the receiver that enables you to completely strip your gun down making it one of the easiest guns to clean and maintain.

The 930i is packed with features to benefit the shooter and make this gun customizable right out of the box. It features an adjustable stock, front and rear weighting system, extended bolt handle & bolt release, fibre optic sights and a set of extended Maxi competition chokes. Being left handed I was quickly able to set this gun up to mount perfectly and get the weight distribution tuned to my preference. Having not had these options on a gun before I was able to quickly take an "off the shelf" gun and make it fit like no other I had owned before. I was able to mount the gun quickly and consistently with absolute confidence and pin point accuracy.

The gun cycles and ejects empties well, something that is always a concern as a left handed shooter. Although this gun is not available in a left handed configuration, I would be confident in recommending this to any "lefties" with the positive cycling and ability to set the gun up to fit.

The tapered rib features a mid bead and a front fibre optic sight and is hand fit before being hard soldered to the barrel using pure silver. The attention to detail that goes in to the making of the barrels at Breda is meticulous. It takes approximately 50 days to make a small batch of shotgun barrels at the Breda factory after going through the manufacturing and quality process.

The checkering on the stock is also a nice feature with both traditional checkering and a stippled effect grip giving a sporty look and something that again makes this gun slightly different to the norm. When holding the Breda 930i you get a sense that the guys in the factory really have thought of every little detail and rather than copying others have really come up with something of their own that they and you as the owner can be truly proud of.

Breda is ditributed in the UK by Viking Arms Ltd:-