Eley - Biodegradable Wad

Eley Hawk has announced its launch of the first biodegradable and dissolvable wad for their VIP steel shot cartriges in a huge step forward for cartridge manufacturers.

The debate has been going on for sometime now as to how our sport can address the concerns over plastic consumption and our environment and one thing that seems to crop up time and time again is the argument for, and against plastic wads. I personally only tend to shoot fibre where possible no matter the shooting grounds policy.

Eley has taken a step in the right direction being the first UK manufacturer to launch a fully biodegradable and dissolvable wad for steel cartridges that leave no trace in the environment. The product was launched at this years British Shooting Show at the NEC, Birmingham.

The wad is made of hydrosoluble ingredients that dissolve within 24 hours in water (less if the water is moving). It leaves behind no plastic residues and breaks down into biomass and with its trace minerals will actually have a positive composting effect on the soil it breaks down in to. The new hydrosoluble wad is 100% biodegradable and all its additives are of vegetable biomass origin, making it compliant with international standards. Not only does the wad not harm the environment, but it turns in to compost, adding positive nutrients into the soil.

The new innovative wad will initially be placed in the steel shot cartridges, it produces a 32 gram for game shooting and a 28 gram clay steel shooting load. Product availability will start from April 2019. Anticipated retail prices are £330 - £350 per thousand for the game cartridges and £280 - £295 per thousand for the clay cartridge.

In the UK it is illegal to use lead shot cartridges over open bodies of water. The alternative steel shot cartridges have for a long time had to use plastic wads to protect the barrels of the gun and the shooter while shooting. This pro eco wad changes dramatically what can be shot over water and the wad dissolving will reduce plastic waste in the environment. It is envisaged this cartridge will be a major step forward for wildfowlers in the UK who often shoot over estuaries and wild environments who will welcome this major step forward in ballistics for their sport. Enabling them to be effective conservationists of the environment and reducing their impact significantly. It was also be of benefit at clay grounds meaning less plastic litter scattered across the ground or less time picking up plastic wads.

A reduction in the use of plastic is a welcome step forward in the sport and hats off to Eley for being the first to embrace the change. Hopefully we may see this rolled out across more cartridges in the future!

Credit to www.eleyhawkltd.com