Marocchi First DL14 REVIEW

Happy New Year everyone!

If you have been following me on instagram you may have noticed that just before Christmas I got my hands on a Marocchi First DL14 which I have had out on the clays over the festive period. Here is a brief review on this gun for anyone interested in finding out more about it.

I have seen these things online over the past couple of years and have always thought they looked fantastic on paper, I couldn't wait to try one out for myself. The Marocchi DL14 comes from Marocchi in Brescia, Italy and is imported and distributed in the UK by Viking Arms in Yorkshire. Marocchi has great heritage and has been a family run business since it was founded in 1922.

Marocchi had been a somewhat unknown brand for me up until a year or so ago. The shooting community are constantly force fed marketing from the big boys like Blaser and Beretta and they hold a strong market share however, brands like Marocchi should not be overlooked or ruled out when it comes to buying a new gun. These guns have a lot to offer in terms of performance, built quality and pricing.

This gun is a 12 Gauge over and under and includes all the technical features of the Marocchi First range but it is also embellished with an elegant floral theme engraving with golden animals on both sides of the receiver. My first impression when I picked this up was how light the gun felt. I believe this model is aimed more at the game shooting market, however I have taken it out and smashed loads of clays and it has been great. It is well suited for a days game shooting where weight of your firearm will come in to consideration.

Starting from the back of the gun it has a very soft recoil pad which fits flush with the stock. The stock itself is extremely light and at first this put me off somewhat, however since putting some rounds through it I have quickly grown to love its lightweight feel. It is manoeuvrable, point-able and quick to sit in your shoulder! My only suggestion is perhaps some form of weighting system to increase the weight and change the balance slightly should you wish to do so although this would in turn affect the price.

The receiver is made from aluminium alloy and features some beautiful looking floral engraving with gold birds on both sides and on the bottom. The engraving is brought to life with contrasting black touches and matches well with the black trigger and trigger guard. On the under side of the action the Marocchi logo and name are boldly engraved, it is very eye catching with the black against nickel finish really standing out. There is a black theme running throughout the gun with the trigger, trigger guard, safety catch, top level and other parts finished in black.

The gun has a walnut schnabel fore end which fits nicely to the blued 30" barrels. The gun comes with 5 flush fitting chokes and I have this set up with 1/4 and 1/2 chokes. The action is as smooth as glass, when breaking the barrels the gun falls apart to reveal some polished machining finishes and the automatic extractors. On this note, the extractors are extremely good, they eject spent cartridges with great ease and very confidently. The action lock up is similar to that of a browning with there being a full width latch at the bottom of the receiver. All the moving parts feel very smooth and do as instructed with little hesitation or resistance - The gun can be taken apart and reassembled quickly and with ease.

The barrels have a ventilated top rib with a width of approximately 8mm and one plain brass bead at the end of the barrels. I would have preferred a mid-rib bead as I am used to this on my guns and it helps with my mount. This is mainly due to my own lack of experience and consistency with gun mount but I have had no trouble dusting the clays with this gun. Another indicator that this gun is set up for game shooters is the lack of a ventilated mid rib. I am led to believe that due to the manufacturing techniques and quality of the steel used by Marocchi they are able to create strong but yet slightly thinner barrels meaning again, less weight.

Overall, I really like this gun. It looks fantastic and certainly stands out on the gun rack. For me, the comb could be slightly higher but I can easily compensate by adjusting my mount ever so slightly. I am also left handed but the stock on this gun is so straight that I have had no issues shooting this 'off the shelf'. I have had this in and out of the cabinet at home the last week just to admire it and practise mounting it in to my shoulder, it is a pleasure to handle and is sure to bring its owner a lot of joy.

The gun retails at around £1,200 from new. At that price bracket this gun sits between budget guns like the ATA or Koffs and entry level models from the likes of Browning or Beretta. One thing is for sure that for the money, you are buying a solid gun from a reputable manufacturer located in the heart of one of Italy's leading gun manufacturing regions in Brescia. Most people are swayed by the like of Beretta, but if you want to get yourself something slightly different and stand out from the crowd with an authentic, well made Italian shotgun, you cannot go far wrong with taking a look at Marocchi.

If you want to take a closer look have a look at my video at the bottom of this page or check out this short clip of the Marocchi First DL14 in action from Viking Arms:

Tech Specs:

- 12 Gauge

- 3" Chamber

- Aluminium Alloy Receiver

- Nickel finish on the receiver with engraved hunting scenes

- Single selective trigger

- Automatic extractors

- Oil finished Walnut stock

- 5 chokes included + choke key