Percussion Shooting Vest REVIEW

New for 2019, Percussion has released their latest skeet vest in Black and Beige and is now available in the UK. Last week I went to collect my new vest from Balnecroft Country in Rawcliffe before making a trip to Park Lodge Shooting Ground and I wanted to share it with you should you be in the market for a good quality yet affordable shooting vest. Percussion are known for offering a full range of affordable clothing for the outdoors and hunting/ shooting enthusiast and having previously bought from percussion before I knew that their new skeet vest would be a safe bet for the upcoming clay season.

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The vest comes in a stylish Black and Beige colour and is made with a lightweight polyester mesh with poly cotton inserts for added comfort. It is designed to be a unisex, ambidextrous garment with 4 large front pockets for ammunition, side adjustable straps, large rear pockets for gloves or a towel etc, and fastened loops for carrying your ear defenders or other equipment. The padding on the shoulder is extremely comfortable and slightly more padded than other vests I have used in the past. The vest is a mix of contrasting black and beige which work nicely and has a mesh construction around the back and sides of the vest to increase breathability in those hot summer months. The adjustable waist is a good feature meaning you can get a comfortable fit and one that is as snug as you like. It is a comfortable wear and looks very good with the contrasting stitching on the shoulder pads. The cartridge pockets at the front are of a good size and very accessible and it's nice to have to extra pockets at the front to pop your scorecard, pen or ear plugs in when you don't need them.

At only £32.99 this vest is an absolute steal. Compared to other vests that retail for around £70-80 the Percussion vest offers great value for money with no noticeable difference in build quality. You may not have the name or logo of a well known firearm manufacturer stamped all over it but apart from that there is little difference in my opinion. Available sizes range from Small to 4XL and with the adjustable waist the vest pretty much caters for any size or fit. My wife also tested the vest out on our trip to Park Lodge and really liked it! She obviously looked a lot better in it than I did and made it look very smart, it truly is suitable for all genders.

I think the Percussion Vest offers a great option for anyone looking a shooting vest that is functional, well constructed, affordable and very smart looking. It will certainly be my go to skeet vest for summer 2019!

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