Storage of your shotgun

One thing you will need to consider before your FEO (Firearms Enquiry Officer) comes knocking on your door to discuss your application for a shotgun certificate, is where and how to store your shotgun.

There are fairly clear rules around storage of a shotgun at home And the below link to ShootingUK gives some useful tips:

My main considerations when choosing where to put my gun safe were:

- Is it visible from outside the property through a window

- How many layers of security would a burglar need to get through to find my safe

- Can I put it in the left corner of a room to prevent crow bar access

- Is it somewhere convenient to ensure I can put my gun away securely as soon as I get home after a shoot and not leave it lying around

- Would a visitor at my home be able to stumble across my safe

- Can it be fixed to a solid brick/ stone wall

- Can it be concealed if necessary

It is your responsibility to ensure your guns are securely stored to the best of your ability. My general rule of thumb is this; if you question whether your FEO would approve then the answer is probably not. Be vigilant, be responsible and be safe.