Wardfield Lightgun REVIEW

ERS takes a look at a new innovative shooting accessory, the Wardfield LightGun...

I cant remember when I first came across the LightGun from Wardfield but it was around 18 months ago and I think I first saw it advertised online from memory. It immediately caught my eye as something different in the shooting accessories world and something I was keen to get my hands on. I then met some of the Wardfield team at the British Shooting Show in 2018 and learnt more about the product.

The brains behind the company is Simon Wardfield who is a lifelong countryside enthusiast and inventor of the LightGun. Simon first came up with the concept of the LightGun approximately 5 years ago (2013) following a days shooting in which fellow members of the shoot had been complaining of fatigue from carrying their guns all day. Simon started thinking how this issue could be addressed and after identifying a gap in the market created the LightGun, a premium and practical solution for carrying your gun in the field.

Simon wanted to create something that not only looked the part but also improved the shooting experience by reducing fatigue and improving accuracy, performance & comfort. Over the years Simon has developed the product to what it is today.

So what is the LightGun? The LightGun for lack of a better term is a holster or holder for your shotgun. It holds the shotgun securely in the broken position at waist height and is secured using a shoulder strap across your body. When I first saw it, I immediately thought of the old gun holsters worn in the wild west by cowboys carrying their old Colt revolvers!

The holder itself is an extremely sturdy metal construction wrapped in a choice of fine leather. The strap consists of matching leather and canvass with the option of personalisation by having your initials debossed on to the leather and/ or having an additional leather cartridge holder added to the strap. Currently you can purchase the LightGun to accommodate 2 different size shot guns.

These include the over and under 12 bore and 20 bore. The LightGun is available in both left or right handed configuration and you can choose from a range of different colours of leather or even go for the premium options such as a crocodile or ostrich skin.

The LightGun is ideal for shooters who struggle from fatigue in the field or who simply want a stylish and practical way to carry their gun on a shoot day. It provides a number of benefits to the shooter such as reduced fatigue, increased comfort and increased accuracy. The LightGun helps safeguard against any potential accidents that can occur when your arms are tired from shooting and the shoulder straps offer a comfortable fit with even weight distribution of your gun without restricting your movement. Aside from the claimed benefits, I think the LightGun just looks cool and I don't need much more of a reason than that. It is an exclusive, very smart and very cool shooting accessory.

Now the slight draw back with this product is the cost. The cheapest leather LightGun starts at £239.00 with the newer styles listed at £379.00. I absolutely love the look of this product and would love to own one but I do feel that this product is for the more discerning shooter. It sits slightly out of my budget at least. That being said, Wardfield do offer the sporter version of the LightGun at only £87.99 aimed toward the clay shooting market. This alternative is affordable but I feel it does lose the appeal of the beautifully crafted leather LightGuns on offer and I would rather save up for the premium version. Although the price is quite high, you do have to remember you are buying British, you are buying craftmanship and you are buying quality materials. I think we are all too used to buying cheap mass produced trash nowadays so products like the LightGun make a nice change and they are nice to own.

I have noticed other companies attempt to copy the LightGun concept, but there is a difference in apparent quality. Wardfield takes the edge everytime with the level of quality, craftmanship and the premium feel. If you want the original LightGun, the best quality and the best craftmanship go for Wardfield, the cheaper imitations just don't compare in quality. (In my own opinion of course).

Overall, I really like this product, and if it were slightly more affordable I would absolutely love to own one but then I fear it would potentially lose the premium feel and excellent construction that I love about it. With products like Wardfield you buy well and you buy once. Is it an absolutely necessity when shooting out in the field? Probably not. But sometimes it is nice to have nice things, and the LightGun is certainly one of those beautifully crafted accessories than any shooter would appreciate and it would make an ideal gift for anyone.

For more information or to review the completed range visit www.wardfield.co.uk