Why join BASC?

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation. What is it and why become a member?

In 1908 by Stanley Duncan formed the Wildfowlers Association of Great Britain and Ireland (WAGBI) to protect the interest of widfowlers and the sport. In 1981 after much development WAGBI became known as BASC, a membership led body headquartered in Rossett, North Wales with over 150,000 members. It is now the overriding voice and representative for shooting sports in the UK

(From BASCs website) BASC is a national representative body for sporting shooting. We have five strategic objectives:

  • A strong and unified voice for shooting

  • All party backing for shooting

  • Balanced comment in the media

  • Continued opportunity to go shooting

  • High standards

Why join BASC?

When I first started looking at getting insurance (something you should all do!), I stumbled across the CPSA (clay pigeon shooting association). As this was the discipline of shooting I was most likely to be doing I opted to join the CPSA to get my insurance and allow me to enter competitions etc. I made a fairly hasty decision and one that I probably wouldn't make again. Not that there is anything wrong with the CPSA, on the contrary I would urge any clay pigeon shooters wanting to get more serious about their shooting and enter competitions, to indeed join CPSA, but as an addition to BASC.

I however, only wanted to cover myself for insurance purposes and only needed to join one organisation. I have since joined BASC and cancelled my membership with the CPSA (mainly because my standard of shooting isn't competition worthy yet!) and I wanted to share with you the reasons why I made this decision and why I would urge others to also join BASC.

First things first - What's in it for you?

- £10 million liability insurance for your shooting

- £250,000 legal expenses cover for firearms appeals

- £50,000 Accident cover

- Member discounts on cars, gun insurance, training courses, dog insurance, gun purchases etc.

- Access to discounted training courses and events

- Professional advice and support for any enquiries relating to your sport and your rights

- Help with renewals of firearms and shotgun certificates

- Shooting opportunities

You wouldn't drive your car without insurance, why would you shoot without insurance?

Secondly - What's in it for the sport?If you enjoy shooting as much as I do, you will only want the sport to grow. This would result in more rights and freedom for shooters, more money invested, more shooting grounds, more gun shops, more products and innovation, more shows, more shooting opportunities, more, more, more!

BASC has a voice, a big voice. It helps to direct policies and legislation, its voice is heard in Government. No other shooting association such as the CPSA has the same power BASC has. But it will only continue to have this voice and place at the table if it is supported by those it serves to support and protect... Us. Every single firearm owner, every single participant of any shooting discipline should all stand beside BASC and join as a member not only to support its organisation financially, but also to give it strength in numbers.

We need to grow awareness of our sport, promote its place in modern society and ensure our voice is heard. We need to be unified through one reputable and high profile organisation with our interests at heart, not fragmented. Join BASC and support your passion, your sport and the future of shooting!

For more information on joining BASC you can click on the link below. The BASC website, if nothing else is a great read with so much fantastic content on offer: https://basc.org.uk/join-basc/