If you haven't done already, take a look at my new YouTube channel 'Elliot Robert Shooting'. Although in its infancy at present, I plan to grow this channel with some great shooting related content including product reviews, shooting videos and topical 'vlogs'.

I am new to the world of YouTube so bear with me whilst I get used to talking to a camera (it feels very unnatural the first couple of times). However, I have a lot of projects planned through YouTube and a number of brands and products I want to review so feel free to subscribe, any support would be greatly appreciated and of course, all feedback would be welcome.

The main difficulty (without winning the lottery) will be sourcing the products to review. I am in the process of speaking with manufacturers and distributors and where possible I will be purchasing items I wish to review. For the time being though I will be growing the channel at a steady pace and hope to bring an unpolished, honest outlook on my experience of shooting and my thoughts on products I use.

You can access my YouTube channel on the link below or from the link provided on the home page of my website.