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Welcome to the digital age

Social Media Management

Social media is essential for any business. Everyone from small start ups through to globally recognised brands have a social media presence for their business, or they should do. Competing for the attention of your audience on social media is getting more competitive by the day and creating engaging, inspiring and unique content can be hugely time consuming.  

No more struggling for ideas, no more time consuming social media work, no more wondering where your next content will come from...


Why get Social Media Management?

  • Cost. The average Social Media Executive would set you back £1,500 per month 

  • Time. Business owners are busy enough as it is and Social Media can often be overlooked as it takes considerable time to get right.

  • Grow. Grow your audience and increase your exposure.

  • Inspire. Inspire your audience with your product.

  • Engage. Be relatable, engaging, and in touch with your customer base. 

  • Sell! With a strong sales background we understand the importance of converting an audience in to paying customers and providing a return on investment.

Use your time to look after your customers rather than worrying what to post next. We’ll create engaging visual content

to ensure all of your posts look perfect, we use a combination of user-generated content, premium stock photography, custom made graphics, images & assets provided by the client.

Let us convert your Audience in to Revenue!

Package 1

£250 Per Month

2 Social Media accounts

3 posts per week (per account)

Content Creation 

Content Scheduling


We handle the posts, you take care of your customers.


Package 2


£300 Per Month

3 Social Media accounts 

4 posts per week (per account)

Content Creation

Content Scheduling

Similar to the Grow package but tag on an additional Social Media Account and get additional posts per week!

Package 3


£500 Per Month

3 Social Media accounts 

6 posts per week (per account)

Content Creation

Content Scheduling

Community Engagement

Communications Management

Our flagship package, let us handle your posts and your customers. With increased content scheduling remain at the forefront of your customers minds!

Do you need anything else?

Elliot Roberts Shooting also offer product photography, design, influencer search or a combined social media and photography package! We pride ourselves on bespoke tailored service to meet your specific business needs. If you don't see the exact thing for you above contact us and we would be happy to put together a tailored package for you.

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